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Supercharge Your Life: Elevate Your Performance And Maximize Your Potential in 15-minute Summaries

15-minute summaries of 16 of the most popular books covering essential topics such as productivity, money and investing, motivation and inspiration. Read every day and see how you can change.

What do you find inside every book summaries?

We have prepared for you summaries of the most frequently read books around the world. Here you will find short key issues from books about productivity, money and investments, management, psychology, mindfulness and happiness. Each of them can be read in a maximum of 15 minutes. Practice this every day and check the results.

Summary 1:
7 Startegies for Wealth & Happiness

Learn how…

Summary 2:
Financial Freedom

Learn how…

Summary 3:
Mind Over Money

Learn how…

Summary 4:
Clever Girl Finance

Learn how…

Summary 5:
Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Learn how…

Summary 6:
Clever Girl Finance

Learn how…

Summary 7:
Money: A User's Guide

Learn how…

Summary 8:
Broke Millenial

Learn how…

Summary 9:
Millionaire Success Habits

Learn how…

Summary 10:
Let It Go

Learn how…

Summary 11:
The Way of Zen

Learn how…

Summary 12:
The Power of Habit

Learn how…

Summary 13:
Big Magic

Learn how…

Summary 14:
Dopamine Detox

Learn how…

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Have you ever thought about making a positive change in your life? Transforming Your Life with Small Habits. Perhaps you aim to adopt healthier eating habits, read more books, learn a new language, or even master a musical instrument like the clarinet. Together, we'll explore the notion that making significant changes in your life doesn't necessarily require drastic measures. You don't need to completely overhaul your behavior or completely reinvent yourself. Instead, you can initiate small adjustments to your actions. These minor modifications, when consistently practiced over time, can evolve into habits that yield significant results.

Why reading 15-minutes every day is effecitive?


What an amazing collection of ebooks! They’ve opened my eyes to things I’ve never really thought about before. These books have been a huge help in many different parts of my life. I especially liked learning about how to build good habits, which I’ve struggled with in the past.


I’ve found that the methods in these books really do the trick for me. They’re easy to use and don’t require a lot of effort to get started. Plus, since they’re ebooks, I can take them with me everywhere. The ideas are fresh and they actually work. I definitely suggest giving them a try!


This book is really helpful, easy to understand, and full of useful information. The difference between a good and a great self-help or psychology book is how much you can use its ideas in your daily life. I found lots of tips in this book that anyone can use every day.


I highly recommend it! This book really changed my thinking. Now, I see challenges as chances to get better. The books are easy to understand and have lots of good advice you can use right away. I’ve already started to see a big difference in how I do things every day.

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